The Briefcase

Your files, Synced Between Computers with Briefcase

briefcase100Add the Briefcase to your account, and you get an L drive that is automatically synced across every computer you install the software on.

Think of it as an online memory stick!

You can also email files to your Briefcase and share them easily on the web and access them via your mobile devices using downloadable apps.

Briefcase Features

  • Have the same files on every PC and Mac
  • 512GB of Briefcase space available
  • Access your files online, anytime
  • Access your files from your mobile device
  • Share your files with friends, families and colleagues
  • Encrypted with 256 bit Military grade encryption your files are safe and secure
  • All your files are stored in the UK
  • Access your files via FTP, SFTP and WebDAV


Add Briefcase at any time

If you have a standard backup plan and want to add a Briefcase you can do this at any time – simply click on the Buy Now button below.

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