Installing Desktop Software

This document will walk you through installing and configuring your backup software on your PC.  When you have paid your subscription at Paypal, you will receive an email that will contain:

  • Your chosen user name
  • Your chosen password
  • A link to your backup portal – the web address from which you view and restore your files.

This email may take up to 30 minutes to arrive.  If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder, as some E-Mail services may identify the ‘Your BeBackedUp account’  as ‘spam’.  Should you still not receive a mail, please contact us at



Logging in

Click on the link in the email. Note that the link will not have the usual ‘www’ at the start – don’t worry, it isn’t supposed to.  After a few seconds you will arrive at a screen with a login box (See right) at the top right of the browser window.

Enter your username and password (both in the email) and press the ‘Login’ button.  After a few seconds you will be logged in to your online backup portal.



Security Warning

You may see a Security Warning window like the one on the left appear on logging in.
This refers to software that is essential to run the backup service, so simply click the ‘Run’ button.  The installation process takes only a few seconds and only occurs the first time you access the site.



Downloading the Software

Once logged in click on the ‘Software Download’ ‘Quick Link’ on the left hand side of the screen.  This will display a further screen containing a button to start the software download. (See right). Press the blue ‘Download’ button to start the download.

Note that to install software on your PC you will need to have certain permissions.  If this is your home computer, or one on which you have ‘Admin’ rights, you will have no problems.  However, some office computers may be set up to prevent you installing new software.



Run or Save File

If you have any programs open on your desktop, we suggest you close them before proceeding with this next step.

Press the ‘Run’ button to start the setup of the desktop software.  (See right).

After a short time, a further dialogue box will appear asking whether you wish to run the software.  Press the ‘Run’ button to continue installing the desktop program.

Restart your Machine
After the software has installed, you may be prompted to restart your computer to finish the installation process.  You can do this later if you wish, but until you do restart the machine, the backup service will not be available for use.



Log in and name your computer

After your machine has restarted, you will be greeted by a login dialogue similar to that on the right.

Use the username and password from your email to log in, and press the ‘Sign In’ button. On the next screen you will be prompted to give your computer a recognisable name.  This will allow you to identify this particular computer on your BeBackedUp account, even if you install the software on other PCs as well.



Choosing what to back up

The software suggests a lits of locations to backup on your PC.  You can remove suggested items from the list by clicking on the tick in the checkbox next to the item name.

If you wish to add further locations to the backup, then press the ‘Add Folder’ button, from where you will be able to add further folders from any hard drive on your PC.

Once you’re finished, press the ‘Next’ button.  Don’t worry if you forget something – you can add or remove folders at any time




And that’s it! The software is now installed and ready for use.  You will see a new icon appear in your System Bar at the bottom right of the screen.

You can access the BeBackedUp software at any time by clicking on this icon.


Backup Process Status

Your backup software is now installed and available for use.  The service will connect to the backup server and start backing up your files within a few minutes.  This process is transparent and you can forget about it, but be aware that the initial upload after installation can take hours or days to complete, depending upon the number of files being backed up, their size, the speed of your Internet connection and what else you’re doing on your PC.  because the BeBackedUp software works in the background, if your computer is permanently busy, the initial backup process will take longer than if the PC was doing nothing.

To see what the progress is, you can either log in to your portal, and see the files that have been stored away already, or click on the icon in your system bar to bring up the status screen.



The Status Popup

This is shown on the right, and allows you to view what’s happening with regard to your backup and change backup settings. If you have bought the optional ‘Briefcase’ software, both tabs will be available.  Otherwise, the ‘Briefcase’ tab will be greyed out.
Files awaiting transfer – these are files that have been marked for processing but haven’t yet been copied.
No current upload – this line will show the details of any file being uploaded at this time.

There are several configuration options available from this pop-up, and to guide you through them we’ve written another Help page – ‘Configuration Options’.  You might like to take a look at this if you need to add new folders to your backup, or remove existing ones from the backup.