Features of BeBackedUp


Easy Installation

Simply download and install our BeBackedUp software. A Wizard will walk you through the process of setting up which folders on your computer to backup. Or, simply set it to backup everything on your computer! Your annual subscription also allows you to backup more than one computer to your BeBackedUp account, so you can protect your whole network.



Live Backup!

Does your current backup system run at a set time each night? Not BeBackedUp. We do what we call a live backup – our software monitors to see when files are added or changed and uploads them straight away, thus giving you ongoing, background backup. And should you want to return to a previous version of a document, our ‘Archive’ facility stores the most recent 30 versions of your files.


cloud secure100

Military Grade Encryption

Comes as standard with all of our accounts so you can be sure that your data is secure.  Information passed between your computer and the servers are encrypted using AES-256 bit.  The data centres themselves (where your files are stored) are UK based and are under 24 hour surveillance.



Backup all your computers

We don’t limit you to backing up only 1 computer. Backup as many as you like (subject to your plans limit) and each will be allocated part of your data allowance and labelled separately.



Optional Briefcase

Add the Briefcase to your account, and you get an L drive that is automatically synced across every computer you install the software on. Think of it as an online memory stick! You can also email files to your Briefcase and share them easily on the web.