Using BeBackedUp (8)

The upload speed seems really slow on my account why?

This could be caused by a number of factors.  If you are on ADSL (broadband over a telephone line) your upload speed will never be as fast as your download speed.  You can check your upload speed at the following website – http://www.speedtest.net to see if this is the issue.

It may also be that you have limited your bandwidth settings for upload.  To check:

  • Right click on the livedrive logo in your taskbar
  • Click on settings
  • Click on the bandwidth tab
  • Check that your Upload bandwidth is set to ‘Unlimited’ and click the ‘Apply’ button

How do I Edit, Delete or Upload Files using the Online Portal?

If you have a Briefcase account you can edit delete and upload files in the online portal.

If you have a standard backup account without briefacse you cannot edit, delete or upload files from the online portal.  The reason for this is that the online portal is a direct reflection of your hard drive on the backup account so any changes should be made on your computer and the changes will then be seen on the online portal.

You can how ever download files from the online portal.

How do I Remove Files or Folders from being backed up?

To stop files or folders being backed:

  1. Click on the LiveDrive icon
  2. Select Manage Backups
  3. Navigate to the files or folders you wish to stop backing up and deselect them
  4. Click OK

Once the items have been deselected they will be marked for deletion and will be permanently removed from the servers after 30 days.

How do I restore files from the online backup?

If you accidentally delete or remove a file or if your hard drive has been damaged you can restore your files using a program called Livedrive Restore.


Livedrive Restore is built into the desktop software for Windows and Mac. You can use it to easily transfer your files back to your current computer.

  1. Click on the Livedrive icon in your task bar
  2. Slect Restore Backups from the menu
  3. Select the computer containing the folder or files that you want to restore
  4. Select the files or folders that you want to restore
  5. Select the Restore option from the menu
  6. Choose where your would like your backup to appear on the new computer
  7. Click on the Restore button at the bottom of the window

How do I backup my External Hard Drive?


  • Your external hard drive must be attached while the backup client is running otherwise the files will be marked for deletion
  • There is a limit of 5TB for a single drive

Backing Up your external HD

  1. Connect the external drive to the PC
  2. Click on the Livedrive icon
  3. Select Manage Backups
  4. Find the external hard drive in the navigation
  5. Select the files and folders from the drive that you want to backup (do not select the root of the device)
  6. Click OK


How do I cancel my account?

We are sorry that you wish to cancel your account.  Simply get in touch with us and we will be able to sort out the rest.  If there is a specific reason you wish to cancel the account please let us know as we may be able to help.

Customers who have signed up using recurring billing (where payment is taken every year etc) will need to give us at least 14 days notice of cancellation before their next payment is due.

Where do I download the backup client from?

You can download the backup client when you login to your customer portal or from the links here:

Windows Client


Mac Client

How do I add a NAS drive onto my account?

You will need to pay for the NAS Drive Bolt On to backup a NAS Drive with your BeBackedUp account.

Simply get in touch and we can organise this for you.

When this has been paid for and added to your account simply follow the instructions below:


Backing up the NAS device is easy – just add it from the Livedrive desktop software that is already running on their PC or Mac.

managebackupsOn a computer with Livedrive installed simply right click on the Livedrive icon near the clock and select “Manage Backups”. You will see a list of all of the devices on your computer – like the image on the right. You can simply select the network locations that you want to backup, click on OK, and Livedrive will start backing them up and protecting them immediately.

This is how the network locations will appear in Manage Backups on your Mac or PC:

managenas-win managenas-mac

General Questions about BeBackedUp (25)

What is BeBackedUp?

BeBackedUp is an online backup service that allows you to upload your files to servers on the internet. You can then access these files via the web, view archived versions of them and much more!

How does BeBackedUp work?

It is extremely easy to use – you simply sign up, download and install a small piece of software and if you want, tell it what to back up. It will then do all the work in the background, and you can carry on using your computer.

How much does BeBackedUp cost?

Please click on Pricing in the top menu to view our latest pricing

Can I have a free trial account?

We offer a month’s free trial account.  Simply click on the Free Trial link and sign up for your 30 day free trial.

Where is my data stored?

Your files are uploaded to multiple purpose-built data centres, the main one of which is based here in the UK. The backup software allows you to use SSL encryption for even more security.

What can I back up?

Whatever you want (as long as it does not violate our terms and conditions)! It’s extremely easy to control which folders on your computer are backed up, and the storage capacity means you don’t have to worry about what you can afford to keep safe.

Can I use my account on multiple computers?

Absolutely! When you view your backed up files, the top level view sorts them by computer, so it’s easy to manage your files.

How long does it take to back up?

This depends greatly on the amount of data you have and the speed of your internet connections (specifically your upload speed). The initial upload can take days or even a week or two, but after that only new files or changes you make are uploaded so it is much faster.

What if my internet connection is slow but I have a fast connection at work? Is there any way I can “seed” uploads?

Yes, this works well in fact. Because the upload system is intelligent, it checks to see whether anyone has ever uploaded a specific file before it sends it – if they have, it is just copied at the server end. So although uploads from different computers are kept separate, you can back up once from a computer on a fast connection, then back up your home computer as normal; it will just be almost instant.

What versions of Windows does BeBackedUp work with?

BeBackedUp is supported on Server 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What is the minimum PC specification that the software will run on?

1GHz or better processor, 512Mb or more RAM, Internet Explorer 7/Firefox 2.0+/Chrome or Safari browser and Flash/Java installed on the PC.

Is there a Mac/Linux Version?

Yes Mac users can download the software when they log in to their accounts.
While there is currently no direct support for Linux, users can use their Briefcase account through FTP or the online portal.

What is the Briefcase?

Our optional Briefcase adds a new drive to your Windows computer, L:, that you can use like any other drive on your machine. However, the contents will be synchronised with the L drive of any other computer using your BeBackedUp account.
This gives you the equivalent of an online USB stick, and also allows you to share data between a number of friends or colleagues, using your BeBackedUp account.

The Briefcase works in just the same way as programs like DropBox, OneDrive Google Drive etc and if you are used to these sorts of programs Briefcase is the ideal account for you.

My broadband connection has data limits; can I still use BeBackedUp?

If your ISP restricts the amount of data you can use, you can still use BeBackedUp but you must remember that backing up a large amount of data on your PC could use up some or even all of your bandwidth allocation. This may result in your Internet speed being reduced, or your ISP charging you extra for the bandwidth used. It is your responsibility to set up the BeBackedUp desktop application so that you only back up what you want to back up.
We have a Help Page on this topic.

Are there firewall issues with the backup software?

For the majority of people, no. The software does need to make two outbound connections (on ports 50234 and 50235), but this is usually not a problem. If you do have a firewall that restricts outgoing connections, please talk to your network administrator before signing up. We are also considering offering a proxy service to get round this, contact us if you are interested.

Do you offer any affiliate schemes?

There is nothing officially in place yet, but please get in touch if you think you can recommend us to someone – we will be able to arrange either an extension to your subscription or a cash payment as a thank-you!

Can I setup another account with the same email address?

No – LiveDrive will not allow this you will need to set up your account with a different email address.

I used to have another livedrive account or trial can I use the same email address to setup my new account?

No LiveDrive does not allow this.  You will need to setup your new account with a different email address.

I work for a registered charity – can I get a free account?

We can offer discounted rates to registered charities but can’t give our accounts away for free.  Please get in touch with us and tell us your registered charity number so that we can tell you our discounted rates.

How does the standard backup account work?

The standard backup account creates a mirrored image of your files or folders in the cloud.  So lets say you had 3 files that you needed to backup called 1 2 and 3.

You tell Livedrive to backup these files.  Every time these files are altered Livedrive creates the exact same copy of it in the cloud.

Now lets say that you delete file 3 on your computer.  File 3 will be marked for deletion by Livedrive and will still show up in your online portal.  After 30 days this file will be deleted from your online portal and will no  longer be available. If you change your mind before 30 days you can still download the file from your online portal and save file 3 back onto your PC.

You can’t use the standard backup account for archiving (just having the files in the cloud) – you need to have the files on your computer as well.

Can I upload my files into the cloud without having them on my computer?

If you have the Briefcase on your account yes you can just upload files without having them on your computer.

If you have our standard account the answer to this is no – you must have the file on your computer as the backup simply creates a mirrored image of what is on your computer.

Can I backup external hard drives using this service?

Yes external hard drives can be backed up using both the standard account and a Briefcase account.

If you are backing up an external hard drive using the standard backup account you must ensure that the external hard drive is connected while running the backup client.

If the drive is not connected the client will assume that the files have been deleted and will mark the online backup files for deletion.

There is a 5TB limit for any single external drive including NAS drives and USB drives.

I’ve made a mistake in one of my files can I get an older copy back?

Yes LiveDrive will keep up to 30 versions of your files so that you can get an older version back.

  1. Login to your LiveDrive Account
  2. Find the file that you would like a previous version of
  3. Click on the file and this will allow you to select the previous version that you require

What sort of support do you offer?

We offer full support to our clients through telephone, email and even live chat.  You have probably seen similar companies who only offer email support – be wary!  Do you really want to work with a company who you can’t even call and who don’t provide an address?!

Can I access my files on my iPad, iPhone, Android device or Windows Phone?

Yes simply download the corresponding app for access to your files on the move:

app store