1TB Online Backup

Our 1TB Online Backup account gives you a massive 1TB of data storage for a low yearly price of just £139.99.  Want to backup other PCs?  You can backup as many as you like for this one low yearly cost.

Key Features

  • 1TB online backup backup storage for your files
  • Backup unlimited computers
  • Access files online
  • Access files on mobile devices
  • Restore deleted files
  • Stream your movies and music
  • Backup your NAS / Network Storage Device (extra charge applies)
  • Military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Windows / Mac compatible
  • UK based data centre storage

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How it works

figure9_200x186Once you have downloaded the software onto your computer simply select the files and folders that you want to backup.

The software will start backing up the selected files and folders (it may take a while depending on your upload speed and how many files and folders you have selected).

The software will continue to backup all of the selected files as long as they are there.

If you move or delete your files these changes will be reflected in your online backup account.

You can download the software on as many computers as you like.  Each computers files are kept separate from each other.


Online Backup Portal

Think of the online backup account as a direct copy of the files and folders you selected to backup on your hard drive.

When you login to the online portal you can view all of the files that are backed up from your hard drive.

If you accidentally delete a file don’t worry you can retrieve it up to 30 days after it was deleted using the online portal.

If the worst should happen and you lose your data you can either download it again from the online portal or you can download the software on a  new computer and download it that way.


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